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How to remember the gender of new words?


I just started to learn Czech and wonder how you manage to learn new words with their gender. Normally, I would learn new words with their fitting definite article to know what gender they are, but Czech has no definite articles, so I'm a bit overwhelmed. ^^

I hope you can help me! :)

May 17, 2018



That’s actually quite helpful (even though there is a similar list here on Duolingo)! :) But I was more looking for ways how other learners do it so I can see if one of these methods works for me. Thanks anyway! ^^


Here is a Helpful Hint quote from one of my textbooks. It's not presenting hard-and-fast rules, but simply some clues as to what gender a word is more or less likely to be:

"Nouns ending in... -- A are USUALLY feminine (there are only a few exceptions) -- E are VERY LIKELY to be feminine -- O or Í ARE neuter -- A CONSONANT are VERY LIKELY to be masculine."

Hope it helps!

UPDATE - - - - - I realized I left one out:

"Nouns ending in the suffix -ost ARE feminine."


I know this is rather old question but I would like to inform you that there are somewhat definite articles in Czech. Ten = masculine Ta = feminine To = neuter Also, later on you'll need to learn "vzor" of the noun in order to write correct ending as it changes with prepositions.

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