Děkuju !

Ah ! I finally found a way to contact moderators and contributors ! I never looked at the Discussion tab before as I had thought it was only related to comments out each question, until today!

Actually all I wanted to say was thank you so much to all the moderators and the contributors! I've only picked up a few languages to play on Duolingo but from my experience the Czech tips and notes are the best! They usually are so clear that going into a lesson you may not have to learn by first making a mistake, not that it means I don't make many mistakes, and that decreases the frustration.

I'm looking forward to when the course becomes available on mobile!

Thank you so much, the Czech moderator and contributor teams !


May 17, 2018


It's always a pleasure to hear from appreciative users; boosts our enthusiasm very much!

Czech for English should be available on mobile right about now. Depends on your OS and app version. Sadly, tips and notes are not yet available on mobile (for any course).

Yes, I concur with ZaronSmith. Thank you very much for Czech. It must have involved a huge commitment from the group.

[deactivated user]

    Děký for your comment. I wanted to say the course is coming along really well. I am also really keen to see Czech on the app and to join a Czech club.

    I agree! Thank you very much! I am moving to the Czech Republic very soon and this has been a huge help.

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