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Ich suche Krimis aus Deutschland

Was ist ihre Lieblings-Krimi?

May 17, 2018



are you looking for crime series to watch or for crime novels to read?

the word Krimi can mean both whats why i am asking.

if you are thinking of series i would recomend the soko series from zdf (name of the Tv channel) there are several of them: Soko Leipzig; Soko München; Soko Stuttgart; Soko Köln; Soko Wien (Soko Wien used to be my favorite one followed by Soko Stuttgart and Soko Leipzeig.)

if you are looking for books there are several good crime novel authors Alexander Hartung, Martin Krüger and Alfred Bekker for example are quite popular here.


Hallo und Vielen Dank!

Ich mag sowohl Bücher als auch Filme und ich mag Mosel-Krimi. Sie sind am besten.

Ich werde deine Vorschläge versuchen.


Jeder kennt Tatort.


For a link for watching some past episodes, click here.


Vielen Dank für den Link.

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