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"Normalmente nos gusta viajar mucho."

Translation:Normally we like traveling a lot.

4 months ago



The translation of nos given is not correct (nos does not mean we, which is nosotros, but it means "us") the construction sentence in spanish is different, kind of "it is liked by us"

4 months ago


Nos is correct for this sentence. Gustar in spanish is very different. You kinda have to think backwards. It means “to please.” So this sentence would literally mean: Normally traveling a lot pleases us.” There isn’t a word for “to like” in spanish. Me gusto means I like myself or literally, I please me. Me gustas is I like you. But literally means You please me. ¿Te gusto? would be a message send across a classroom. Do you like me? Or literally Do I please you? Very cool stuff

4 months ago