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"We want a vacation."

Translation:Nosotras queremos unas vacaciones.

3 months ago



..how does one distinguish between singular and plural vacation(s)

3 months ago


We want some vacations? ?

3 days ago


There is definitely an issue with plural and singular vacation. For a previous question, "las vacaciones" is used however the answer was "a vacation." For this one, "unas vacaciones" is used for "a vacation," however "las vacaciones" is not an acceptable answer. ¿Por qué???

2 months ago


"Una vacación" means "a vacation," and "unas vacaciones" means "some vacations," and that is the reason that "the vacations" (las vacaciones) is not accepted. The word "the" never means "a" or "some."

If a previous answer listed "las vacaciones" as "a vacation," it was probably a colloquial interpretation because the number of the noun switched from plural to singular. Unlike English, in which "vacation" is a singular number noun just as a location is a singular destination no matter how many people are involved–think: They are going on vacation–it is colloquial Spanish to give each individual their own vacation: Están yendo en sus vacaciones.

1 month ago