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  5. "tera' wIlenglI'."

"tera' wIlenglI'."

Translation:We are on our way to Earth.

May 17, 2018



It seems this sentence will only accept "We were in the middle of a trip to Earth". I understand that it probably shouldn't accept "we were/are/will be going to Earth (to distinguish "-lI'" from "-taH"), or "we were/are/will be on our way to Earth" (to distinguish "lenglI'" from "jaHlI'"), but shouldn't it accept "We are/will be in the middle of a trip to Earth", or "We were/are/will be on a trip to Earth"?


English does not distinguish between the Klingon meanings of -taH and -lI'; only context does. In the middle of doesn't distinguish this at all. I can be "in the middle of listening to music," and it doesn't imply that I'm making progress toward the goal of finishing listening to music. The "progress" sense of the Klingon comes from the notion that you're traveling toward a goal.

If this sentence requires "in the middle of" instead of just "traveling," then this is just wrong.


The additional tenses have now been added in.


I meant, 'probably shouldn't accept "we were/are/will be traveling to Earth",' not "going".


with the very many small words being presented in the Klingon-to-English drag-and-drop translation exercise I had a real problem constructing a sentence that made sense. I've reported this and suggested you make "we were traveling to earth" the main translation for this reason.


I thought this sentence was unnecessarily hard to try to figure out. Shouldn't "we were travelling to earth" be accepted? I know it's trying to show the difference between taH and lI but the hints don't point to "in the middle of" at all.


"We were travelling to Earth," is accepted. Did you enter that and Duolingo rejected it? Something must have gone wrong. Did you report it as "should have been accepted"? Did you get a screen cap?


It wasn't a write-in for me, so there was no option for the word traveling.

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