Is the Japanese word bank workaround gone?

Can't seem to use the old workaround:

"Step 1: Set language to something that has a Words tab (e.g. Spanish)

Step 2: Open a new tab and make sure you are on the Discussion section

Step 3: Go back to original tab and change your course to Chinese/Japanese/Korean. You could even do this on a separate device

Step 4: Go to the tab that is on Discussion and still shows that you are on the course with a Words tab, then click on the Words tab and it should show you the "secret" words of the Chinese/Japanese/Korean course.

The trick is you have to access the words from Discussion or you will get the 404"

Anyone else able to access word tab in one of the Duolingo non-original languages (i.e. not spanish, italian etc).

May 18, 2018


Ah. I knew this would happen soon. It's because Duolingo are rolling out the forum upgrade. My testmoogle account is still on the old version, but one of my other Duolingo accounts got switched over to the upgraded version of the forums today too. People who've been switched over to the upgraded version of the forums can no longer use the "Discussion" page for the trick.

However, the "Discussion" page wasn't the only page you can use for this trick. Luckily, at least one of the other pages currently still works for it. Here's an updated step-by-step for you. ^^

Step 1. Switch to Spanish course.

Step 2. Click "Add a new course", which should take you to this page:

Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two web browser tabs, both of which on the Spanish course and both viewing the "Add a new course" page.)

Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Japanese course. (Can close this tab once it loads.)

Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".

Enjoy. ^^

May 18, 2018

Yes! This "hack" works.

Thanks a million!

May 19, 2018

Thank you!!!

January 8, 2019

I just tried it and got the same result as you, the dreaded 404. Doesn't look good for the workaround.

May 18, 2018
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