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  5. "Me interesa ese chico."

"Me interesa ese chico."

Translation:I'm interested in that boy.

May 18, 2018



It rejected "that boy interests me". Reported 17 May 2018.


Duolingo is trying to show us that only one form of the sentence works in Spanish; however, they should accept that both forms work in English almost every time.


i also think that is closest to the Spanish.


"ese chico me interesa" is also correct for expressing the same... and it will be the closest to what LeeBrownst1 is proposing


Chris Hanson, you there?


yup certainly is a banned phrase in UK :)


Why ese and not eso?


Esa = feminine Ese = masculine Eso = it


Eso does not = it. It is nuetral.


I'm usually not politically-correct, but this is a good time for DL to replace "chico" with any other noun.

It really does not sound good as it is.


Yup, this isn't appropriate.


That boy interests me - accepted 17 Aug '18


Interesting sentence! Um...


Why isn't it "me interesa a ese chico"? I thought that when you were talking about people you had to put "a" after the verb


That "personal a" only applies when the person is a "direct object" of the verb (they are on the receiving end of the action), not when they are the subject of the verb (the one doing the action).
In "me interesa ese chico", the verb is interesar ("to interest"), and the subject of the verb (the person who is interesting someone) is ese chico. So no "personal a" is required there.
It might be a little confusing because in the default English translation, "I'm interested in that boy", the subject is actually "I", not "that boy". But the English phrasing has just been modified a little to be more natural; the more literal translation would be "that boy interests me", in which it is more clear that "that boy" is the subject of the sentence.


That boy interests me should be accepted, we are dealing with two languages, there are differences, "Lost in translation" I feel must be kept in mind


I also put "that boy interests me" and was rejected.


Lowkey problematic mess


Me interesa esa chica. ;)


Why isn't it Me interesa en ese chico?


There are two different ways to talk about interests in Spanish.
The first is "me interesa ese chico", using the verb interesar. Interesar is a gustar-like verb. It's similar to the English phrasing "that guy interests me".
Then there's "estoy interesado en ese chico", which is more similar to the English phrasing "I am interested in that guy".
"me interesa en [...]" is like a mix of the two versions, which would not make sense, like "that guy interests in me".


I entered both answers - it marked me wrong probably because of both at once, but I think both should be correct.


I listened to it three times at progressively higher volumes and it sure sounded like este, not ese

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