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Have they stopped awarding lingots for increasing your streak ?

I reached 700 days but I was not awarded any lingots.

May 18, 2018



I have been getting mine. I am always wondering if they're doing some sort of A/B testing when I hear about something like this.

[deactivated user]

    They have stopped awarding lingots for streaks on the apps so if you want to get your next 71 lingots, use the computer for day 710 and you'll get the lingots. I found this out the hard way as well.


    I think that's it. I did the 700th day on my app. I missed 70 lingots! I am devastated. You can be sure it is computer for me hereafter, at least on the lingot winning days.


    It only gives you 10 for every ten days. In total, you get 10%, not ten percent of your total amount every ten days. I think we all wish it worked that way :3


    I was without lingots for the streaks for almost two months till somebody said the reason in another chat


    Do you know if that was intentional?

    I almost always use the website and never noticed not getting them. OTOH, what am I going to do with all these lingots?

    Maybe I should be more generous with them.


    I got 1 lingot yesterday when I reached ten days. I don't know what you're experiencing.


    Great streak, by the way!


    Congrats on the amazing streak!

    I do get streak lingots on the website (but not sure if I do on the app). There's no big announcement, but I get a notification in the little bell thing.


    I think I did not get the lingots because I did the lesson on the app.


    Conversely, I only get rewarded for leveling up on the app. It didn't even acknowledge when I hit 25 in French.


    They seem to be changing some things. I must see what happens when I hit level 23.


    AWESOME STREAK!!! mine is terrible...


    Yes, it is really a challenge to maintain it when I am traveling!


    Maybe Duolingo was updated, and they stopped doing lingots.


    Wow! You have a great streak!


    Worry less, when you get to a certain level and keep going, you'll be wondering how to get lingots out of your "hair" and everywhere else!


    I received some for 300 days


    I did my 710th day on the computer and received 71 lingots. So what this proves is that if you want lingots every 10th day, do the 10th day on the computer, not the app.

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