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No way to enter Zero in a Chinese year date

The Duolingo iPad ap appears to have no way to enter zero in a Chinese date like 2015. The 0 number from the iPad keyboard is marked as wrong. The Chinese character ling,零, is marked as wrong. Has anyone figured out how to enter it in a way that will be marked as right?

May 18, 2018



It's kind of weird how 〇 is used instead of 零 in the time lessons; I made a post about it here. The best solution is probably to copy the character 〇 (different than O-- a capital o) and paste it in whenever writing a date in Chinese.


Can you configure Duolingo to allow keypad input of Chinese characters on the iPad? My Duolingo lessons were allowing that and suddenly, they no longer are. Now questions call for selecting from character tiles.


Do you have Chinese (Pinyin) Keyboard set up for iOS?

(Settings -> General -> Keyboards)

You can switch to the Pinyin keyboard and type "ling". You then get a menu of choices, including both 〇 and 零.

I suspect that the more complex version of zero is such a nuisance to write out, that they adapted the circle to be similar to the Arabic zero.

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