May 18, 2018



It's just a weird symbol?


Hints for words that begin with an apostrophe unfortunately do not work yet -- it's a known problem that developers have on their list but I don't know when it will be fixed.

'oH is a personal pronoun that means "it" -- it refers to one thing that cannot use language (for example, animals or inanimate objects). For example, 'oH vIlegh. "I see it."

Since Klingon doesn't have a verb meaning "to be", pronouns are used in that sort of situation, so 'oH may also be translated as "it is" or "is" depending on the sentence, e.g. raS 'oH "it is a table" or torgh 'oH pongDaj'e' "his name is Torg".


Note that in the sentence tIn 'oH, the is of the translation comes from the verb tIn be big, not from the 'oH, which is just the it. I might just as easily say tIn Duj the ship is big, and the is is still there with no pronoun in sight.


You're right -- it was a bad example. I've changed it to raS 'oH.

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