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Notification for Mandarin (or other languages)?

So, I checked that I wanted to be notified when Mandarin is available, but I received my invitation a couple days ago and it's unfortunately not yet on the list. I've signed up to learn Spanish (which I'll probably muck around with a bit because I already have somewhat of a grasp on Spanish and would like to improve), but will I receive notification when Mandarin is available? Or is there some setting I can select to be notified?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

April 1, 2012



same here... i d rather learn japanese or chinese or brazilian portuguese


Mandarin technically is Chinese. There are several varieties of Chinese, with Mandarin and Cantonese being the most popular.


yes, that was referring to mandarin of course :)


actually Mandarin and Cantonese are two of the several 'spoken' dialects. When it comes to writing, there are only two choices, Traditional and Simplified. So, I am curious how duolingo will implement this. I am guessing they are planning to introduce Mandarin, and perhaps use some pinyin to start off..


Is this beta of Mandarin support still active? Did the invites ever work?

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