Help me, please

Where can I invite my friend here?

April 24, 2014


On the homepage, in the right-side column you have a section called 'Leaderboard'. There are there buttons there for friend-adding: finding people via facebook, sending them an e-mail with an invite, and searching the existing users.

Ok all you have to do is go to your home screen. On the right hand side, under the box called French progress is a box called leaderboard at the bottom of the leaderboard box there is a button that says 'send invite' Click that and type in your friend e-mail address. A message will be sent to them inviting them to join Duolingo. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thank you, but I was mistakable :). I want to invite my friend to a competition :) So she is my friend on Duolingo, and we want to compete with each other :) Can you help us?

If you mean the duels that were introduced in the new update, I think they're only available to iOS users.

Thank you very much :)

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