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Numero de lecciones!

Guys just asking how many lessons and skills are there in the Spanish tree? As I am not able to count them in the new version of Duolingo because I didn't finish the tree yet! :) Gracias :)

May 18, 2018



This will show you how many skills there are:


But it's impossible to know how many actual lessons there are until you do them and then it depends on which crown level you go up to. The lowest number of lessons at Crown level 5 I've done so far was 24, the highest was 120.

If you reckon on an average of 10 lessons per crown level, for 61 base skills (minus the bonus skills) you'd be looking at 610 lessons for Crown level 1 and 3,050 for Crown level 5.


The most lessons I've done so far to get to level 5 was 48. I have not seen 120 anywhere yet.


Muchas Gracias <3 I didn't know about the progress thing :) Thank you so much :) Here is a lingot!


I count 64 circles (including the 3 bonus skills).


KelsieG, you'll find three bonus skills are usually only two - the third is a myth that may happen only for Christmas!

There are 61 circles, but the circles now have different numbers of lessons in them, so it's hard to know the total number of lessons in the crown system.

Buena Suerte!


True! I have all 3 bonus skills. And I wasn't sure whether the OP was asking about the skill "circles" or the actual total lessons now.

Muchas gracias!

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