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  5. "vavoywI' SoHbe'! qalobbe'!"

"vavoywI' SoHbe'! qalobbe'!"

Translation:You're not my daddy! I won't obey you!

May 18, 2018



The -oy is a sort of affectionate diminuitive, right? Have we had that yet?


I don't know if it's been introduced, but that's exactly what -oy is.


Thanks for confirming that. I don't think it has been introduced, but this sort of a clear context is probably the right way to do so, if you don't want to put it in a tips and notes.


vavoy is first used in the "Family 1" unit, but not explicitly explained in the tips and notes there.

It's part of the vav lexeme which has quite a few sentences, so it's possible that you may not have been shown any of the handful of sentences that specifically have vavoy.

The suffix -oy is used more generally in the "Grandeur" unit together with -Hom and -'a', though as I see now, that unit has no Tips and Notes at all.

I'm glad you figured it out from context here; probably at least a brief note in the T+N for Family 1 would be appropriate, and Grandeur should get some T+N as well to explain it further.

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