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"HoSbe' qorghlaH. ghaH jeylaH puq."

Translation:Korglach is not strong. A child can defeat him.

May 18, 2018



Oh, how I despise the name Korglach. I am always trying to think of who it is that can qorgh.


To qorgh is to stop up a hole with something (like with a cork).

So a qorghwI' could be a cork; it could also be used for a pacifier/dummy/binky.

In retrospect, qorghlaH was probably not such a great idea for a name -- one idea was to get names that could not mean anything, and qorghlaH fails here.


Well, if there is any part of the Homeworld that has been reclaimed from a sea, like The Netherlands, this might be quite a heroic name.


I like that story.

I suppose the original qorghlaH was someone who stuck his finger in the dike to stop the water from coming out, and was given that title in honour of his achievement.

Later bearers of the name do so to honour that hero.

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