"I am listening to music."

Translation:Yo estoy escuchando música.

6 months ago



I got it wrong. The 'correct' answer given was "Estoy escuchando yo música." Ummmmmm...

6 months ago


that's the broken engine, whenever we make a mistake, their super advanced artificial intelligence engine tries to aucorrect us by shoving random words into the given sentence such as what you've got lol.

4 months ago


When you get something wrong they try to find a correct sentence that differs as little from yours as possible. You probably had some word between escuchando and música and instead of deleting the word for proposing a solution they replaced it by one that would make the sentence grammatically at least acceptable.

2 months ago


I answered "Estoy escuchando musica" and was marked wrong....They insist on my adding "Yo" at the beginning, which seems redundant.

5 months ago


I wrote: Yo estoy escuchando a la musica....(to the music. I'm not saying mine is right, but why is it WRONG....

3 months ago


"escuchar" already means "to listen to", so "escuchar a" would be "to listen to to" And the "la" before "música" is wrong (I think), because in Spanish when you say "la música" it means the general concept of music. However you were not listening to the concept of music, but rather to specific instances of it, therefore there is no "la"

2 months ago


Dumb question why is it not "la musica" ?

2 months ago


Because "la música" to my understanding would rather be the concept of music or music in general.

"me gusta la música" -> I like music generally without referring to specific songs.

"estoy escuchando música" -> I'm listening to some pieces of music

I think it boils down to: You can't really listen to the concept of music

2 months ago


Why is the estoy necessary? I thought esuchando meant I am listening

4 months ago

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Escuchando means is/am/are listening. It doesn't say who.

Estoy escuchando = I am listening

Estás escuchando = you (informal, singular) are listening

Él/ella está escuchando = he/she is listing

Usted está escuchando = you (formal, singular) are listening

Estamos escuchando = we are listening

Estáis escuchando = (Spain only) you (informal, plural) are listening

Ellos/ellas están escuchando = they are listening

Ustedes están escuchando = You (plural, Spain - formal, Latin American - formal and informal) are listening

4 months ago
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