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Textbook recommendations

Hello! Since I'm studying Spanish on my own, I'm looking for some Spanish textbooks, grammars and graded reading materials to supplement my studies here at Duo. As I don't have a mentor to turn to, I thought it would be nice to ask for recommendations from other students. Regarding textbooks and student grammars, at my level, I'm especially fond of friendly manuals written in the original language that introduce grammar topics and vocabulary gradually, transitioning slowly from easy to advanced usage (like Mauger's French course), but I would really appreciate recommendations that follow a different approach too. For the future, suggestions of authoritative and comprehensive reference resources would be extremely useful for me as well. If you know of any graded reading materials or nice books written in easier Spanish (maybe children's books), I would also be thankful for your suggestions. In any case, I'm deeply grateful for any advice, contribution or comments you would like to share. A big thank you in advance <3

May 18, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I’ve only ever tried one of the ‘Language for Dummies’ books but this one seems to get a fair bit of praise:

    I would love to recommend you wholeheartedly buy it but I’d first try it out (find a pdf online of the first chapter or so) to see if it’s what you’re looking for. If not, then you’ve saved $20. If it is then it’s worth getting the full version.

    The only reviews I could find were off Amazon (/Goodreads/Barns & Noble) but they seem pretty positive


    Thanks a lot! I think I will be using it.


    The University of Salamanca has a series of graded readers that are really interesting. I used their series as material for a beginning student, adding grammar myself as the student needed it.

    The stories were interesting. https://www.languages-direct.com/books/easy-readers/santillana-coleccion-leer-en-espanol


    Thank you! They are going to be pretty helpful.

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