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  5. "Sedím na svém oslovi."

"Sedím na svém oslovi."

Translation:I am sitting on my donkey.

May 18, 2018



Can "mém oslovi" be used here?


It can. It is not preferred though if you don't stress MY here.


Does "oslovi" have two meanings? I am seeing both "arse" and "donkey" as being accepted answers. Can anyone confirm?


Osel has only one meaning, the animal which is called either donkey or ass in English. Not arse though, that is buttocks.


This and the sentence about the bird on the bottle...

In english omitting the word "sitting" is acceptable. "I am on my donkey" means the same as "i am sitting on my donkey." The only time you make a semantical distinction would be if you were emphsizing that you weren't doing something other than sitting.

Is this also true in Czech? And might i argue that english translations omitting "sitting" should be accepted?


As to your second question.... Yes, of course you might argue that. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't fly! :-) One of the Czech natives on the team may respond to your first question.

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