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I am from America

It keeps having my translate this prase, but not giving me the word bank I need to complete the word, I continually get it wrong, and it corrects me, but what it corrects me with isn't an option in the word bank?

May 18, 2018



There are two different answers you could give to this question. The intro lessons really drill into you アメリカしゅっしんです but

I've experienced in at least one of the questions it doesn't want you to use that word. It'll put アメリカから来ました in the wordbank instead which is a more literal translation "I came from america".

アメリカ - America

から - from

来ました - "kimashita" came (past of 来る - "kuru" to come)

It's an issue with the beta I think since that grammar really doesn't get taught until later lessons but gets thrown into earlier ones where it isn't supposed to be. If you have a japanese keyboard installed you can always switch to keyboard mode and input しゅっしん yourself if that makes you feel more comfortable since it's more familiar to you at this point.

The difference between the two:

"kara kimashita" is a more straight-forward "came from" as in "I was there and now I'm here".

"shusshin" is more like "my hometown is X" "I was born there"


Just a heads up - it's しゅっしん (shusshin), not しゅうしん. しゅうしん, depending on the kanji, means "going to bed" or "for life".


Whoopsies! Fixed :)

I feel like so many typos could be avoided if we just used the kanji faster lol

"You can always type it yourself" I say as I proceed to misspell it.


Thank you. This really helped since I kept typing しゅうしん and i was wondering what i was doing wrong.


Thanks that helps a bunch!


I'd suggest enabling a Japanese qwerty keyboard on your pc (like mentioned here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27307167), it helps memorizing the sound of the kana's and helps with muscle memory aswell, since typing na will automatically convert it to な, and typing namae will suggest 名前 automatically.

This way you can answer it the way you have learned so far (which I assume is "アメリカしゅっしんです" without having to worry about the word bank.


Awesome! That should help out! Thanks for the think!


I don't understand exactly what your question is :/

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