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schools.duolingo.com -- assignments

we have been experimenting with schools.duolingo.com and discovered that assignments are not shown on the mobile interface. This seems like a severe limitation. Most of the kids these days do not check email. How will they know that an assignment has been made if all they ever use is the mobile client?

May 18, 2018



That's one of many features of the Duolingo for Schools system that hasn't appeared yet.

The best thing to do is probably to communicate your homework to your kids the same way is you would any other homework - through your school's VLE, or by getting them to write in their planners, etc.


I appreciate the fact that some of you actually check your email; however, it doesn't seem too much to ask that assignments be visible in the mobile app.


How will they know that an assignment has been made if all they ever use is the mobile client?

On a mobile phone they can see their assignments in their browser App in www.duolingo.com, if the browser is set to "desktop mode"


Mine refuses to go to desktop mode or jumps to the app


Are you using the iOS app on a phone with a small screen? Then it might be impossible to go to the desktop mode.


I still check my email! :)


i always check my email cause I dont have a phone yet

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