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  5. "Piš domů častěji!"

"Piš domů častěji!"

Translation:Write home more often!

May 18, 2018



Alright, I will! You've got me there, Duo :D


Second case plural for doma?


"doma" (at home) and "domů" (home - direction) are adverbs, they have no cases.

"domů" happens to look the same as the plural genetive form of "dům" (house), which is also "domů", but that's probably a coincidence. Anyway, they are different words - one is a noun, the other is an adverb.


What prevents the phrase to be misunderstood as "Write the word home more often"?


Context. Natural languages are ambiguous, that is normal.


I completely agree with VladaFu's answer.

But in addition: What “prevents the English translation to be understood” as what you suggest?

So in either case the translation is perfect.

Please feel free to write the word “home” as often as you want.

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Even if you have nothing to write home about?


If you're here learning Czech, there's always something to write home about... :-)


I am native English speaker and I did not understand the meaning of this


I am also native AmE. This phrase is -- or at least was -- often used in the US by parents to their children who are/were away at school, at summer camp, on "the grand tour" after college, or simply living in another part of the country. These days, however, with so many more immediate ways to stay in touch, "writing home" may be an alien concept. :-)


To some even a letter written on a dead-tree paper might be an alien concept :)

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