"Sorry brother"

Translation:Pole kaka

May 18, 2018

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Why is samahani kaka incorrect?


Depends on exactly what you mean. "Pole" is usually used to mean "I am sorry, my condolences" - if someone falls, is having a bad day, etc. " "Samahani" is used to mean "I'm sorry, excuse me" - like if you bump into someone.


It's not, they just haven't added it.


Samahani usually means excuse me

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    As Elizabeth pointed out above (since this error still has not been fixed -- 23 Jul 2019), "sorry" has at least two meanings in English: 1) you offer your sympathy or condolences for some misfortune or loss, e.g., your brother loses his job -- you could say "Pole kaka" ; 2) you excuse yourself or ask for someone's pardon, e.g., you spill your drink and make a mess while having lunch with your brother -- you could say "Samahani kaka"

    There is another phrase "(Tafadhali) nisamehe" which (I think -- need native speaker's opinion) would be used to ask for someone's forgiveness in a more serious matter. It could be translated as "Please forgive me."


    "Naomba nisamehe" would be the very polite way to ask forgiveness.

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      I think this needs the subjunctive, so it would be "Naomba unisamehe", but I am not a native speaker.


      Jfyi, in Estonian "pole kaka" means "isn't poop"


      Once again word order confuses me. If you write ‘Kaka pole’ that is wrong, but ‘Mama asante’ is the same word order and that was correct?? Can someone explain this please? Asante!


      Thank you guys, everyone is very helpful :)

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