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"Left of him is another mountain."

Translation:Links von ihm ist ein weiterer Berg.

March 24, 2013



I asked in the report why we can't use "es gibt" in this sentence. Any thoughts from native speakers?


As a native speaker I would say it works, but then you must write "gibt es einen weiteren Berg" instead of "ist ein weiterer Berg"


This is exactly what I wrote and it wasn't accepted :/ Reported.


Did you write "Links von ihm gibt es einen weiteren Berg" or did you write "Links von ihm es gibt einen weiteren Berg"? You can't use the second sentence, if you want to use "es gibt" instead of "gibt es", you must write "Es gibt links von ihm einen weiteren Berg"


I wrote "gibt es".


I can't say "Links von ihm gibt es ein weiterer Berg"?


I don't understand the accusative part of this sentence. No "einen" for example. Can someone explain this to me please?


Why accusative? "Ein weiterer Berg" is the subject of the sentence, so it is in nominative case.


If someone uses "gibt es" then Berg is in the accusative.

If you use the verb "ist" or "steht" (as I did) then Berg is in the nominative.


I put anderer Berg - why must it be wiederer Berg? Is there a reason?


"Another" in English can mean both "different" (This is another story) and "one more" (Another glass of wine, please). Here it is rather "one more mountain" than "different mountain". I'd say "ein weiterer Berg" or even "noch ein Berg" is better.

[deactivated user]

    "ein anderer Berg" translates as "a different mountain".


    Can you say "im linken von ihm"?


    No, that doesn't work here.


    Thank you. When is "Im linken" used? I came across it recently when I tried using "links" (incorrectly) - but sadly I can't remember the context.


    "Links" (Left) generally indicates direction or where something is spatially located. "Im linken" (In the left) I know only as a short answer, for example for what something is in: "In welchem Beutel ist die Murmel?" (In which bag is the marble?) "Im linken (Beutel)" (in the left (bag)). Here, only the object is omitted.

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