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  5. "bI'IH, torgh!"

"bI'IH, torgh!"

Translation:You are handsome, Torg!

May 19, 2018



Torg you are handsome isn't accepted?

May 19, 2018



Vocatives such as torgh! "Torg!" which are not part of the sentence but simple show to whom you are speaking can come either at the beginning or the end, in both Klingon and English.

In general, this course expects you to translate things in the same order that they are in the original, unless there is a reason to change the order.

Since such vocatives can come in either position in both languages, there's no reason to change the position from beginning to end or vice versa during translation, so we expect them to be in the same position in the translation.

bI'IH, torgh! = "You are handsome, Torg!" while torgh, bI'IH! = "Torg, you are handsome!".

May 19, 2018

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