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List of known words

Duolingo tells me that I know over 1900 Chinese words. Where can I get a list of those words.

I really want to practice reading stories instead of these same sentences over and over again. This way I can see what I'm supposed to know and measure it against what I don't/can't read.


May 19, 2018



This method works for me. If you have the recent forum updates, I'm not sure if it still will.

  1. go to your Spanish tree
  2. go to the Discussion tab
  3. open another browser tab and switch to your Chinese tree
  4. click back to the first tab and click "Words"

Don't know how this list will help you read stories, but a list it will be (if it works).


Thanks, but it didn't seem to work. It might be because I live in China and the internet is a bit different. It's great to see this Google project here in China.


See testmoogle's explanation of the necessary refinement to this method that still works with the recent forum changes: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27326945

Google Capital has invested in Duolingo, but it's not exactly a Google project.

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