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  5. "Suvchuq wo'rIv DuraS je."

"Suvchuq wo'rIv DuraS je."

Translation:Worf and Duras fought each other.

May 19, 2018



Why is Duras and Worf not accepted?


Because the Klingon sentence says "Worf and Duras", not "Duras and Worf".

Where nouns or sentences are joined together by a conjunction such as je ("and", for nouns) or 'ach ("but"), we expect you to keep the order the same, since there's no grammatical reason for changing the order.


Course creators write messages that are supposed to show for common errors, but the system doesn't show them. For this sentence and many like it, know that nouns are joined with the word je placed after them (wo'rIv DuraS je) and verbs or sentences are joined with 'ej placed between them (Sup wo'rIv 'ej yIt DuraS).

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