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Excel Word List for Chinese

Hello everyone. I have seen quite a few posts about needing a list of Chinese words for the lessons. I also was trying to find it so I could build an Anki Deck but couldn't find anything. Here is a list I am creating as I go through the lessons.


I have omitted words like 他们,她们 and 星期一,星期二。。。 etc. since those are usually just constructed with some base words and characters. Some of them may not correspond with the lesson up until Payment as I had already finished those, and went back to find which words were in each lessons again. However, the list should be fairly accurate.

I will continue to update the words as I finish the lessons, so let me know if you want something changed or added. Google Docs was the best I could come up with to easily share and allow users to parse the data effectively into a csv or something similar.

May 19, 2018



Very helpful. Thank you! :)


Hey nice job. Maybe you can sell the idea to Google. I wonder if anyone else has done this too.


There are some other posts here that have some nicely formatted lists such as: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25813516 however it's harder to manage the data when using scripts or some Anki rules. But those are much more thorough than what I'm doing here.


Muchas gracias


谢谢!! This is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!


Always happy to help!


This is wonderful! Thank you so much! 谢谢你!


yes, very helpful!

[deactivated user]



    太謝謝了! This is really a big help so I can answer most of questions here in Duolingo correctly. :D


    Super helpful! Thanks!


    Wow good job.. Thanks..

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