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Practise Spanish with social media. Ask @fedrigez!

Hi fellow Spanish learners!

I've set a commitment to become fluent Spanish this year and experimenting with different methods get it.

For vocabulary building I'm doing DuoLingo/Memrise, SpanishDict for grammar/rules and subscribed to a few podcasts/youtube channels for listening/comprehension. Plan to switch to watching Spanish content on Netflix once my listening is on intermediate level.

One thing that is missing (and challenging in general) is speaking/writing. How would you motivate yourself to do it regularly (which is important)? Best way is to do full immersion and live in a Spanish speaking country. Not all of us could.

But I'm trying something else - I've set up twitter/instagram account for a Spanish version of me and is committing myself to post daily (whatever is going on, just something of interest, and make sure there are at least couple sentences). Plan to do live videos next (to practice speaking). It might be interesting to follow (since I work on cool things at Netflix and travel a bunch for leisure).

Has anyone tried similar approach? Is anyone interested to join me (follow my accounts, suggest me to follow yours and we can have chats in Spanish there).

For references, my accounts are: Instagram - @fedrigez - https://www.instagram.com/fedrigez/?hl=en Twitter - @fedrigez - https://twitter.com/fedrigez * Snapchat - @sfedrigez - not active yet, but might be very good for interactive communications.

Let me know if you want to just me in my experiment!

May 19, 2018



¡Me gusta esa idea!

I just set up @yetanothername1 on Twitter. Feel free to tweet me.

(Make sure that "1" is at the end. Some Polish guy beat me to yetanothername. We are not the same person.)

I changed my language to Español on it and already I've learned a new word:

contraseña == password.

Everyone is invited to tweet at me in Spanish too.


www.tandem.net Find tandem speaking partners. Find someone who is trying to learn your language, while you are trying to learn his language. Over 3 million users. Free! Many native Spanish speakers want to learn English. Always someone online, who speaks Spanish and wants to learn English.


hey careful! dont share too much contact because Duolingo will delete your account! :(

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