"Dovaogēdi kostōbi azantyssy issi."

Translation:The powerful Unsullied are knights.

May 19, 2018

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Wouldn't "The Unsullied are powerful knights" be the original/most likely version, considering word order? Azantyssy is also plural and both are nominative, so I don't see any reason for a change... Can anyone clarify?


In high valyrian, as far as i have observed, the verb at the end of the sentence is subjected to the first subject of statement and adjective is written just before the noun... Add up(fyi i also got confused initially)


Why "Mighty Unsullied are powerful knights."? Mighty+powerful = kostóbi.


That was a genuine copy and paste error. It's since been corrected. Sorry it took so long!


What are the meanings of "solar" and "lunar"?? What does this mean??


They’re the names of the genders. You don’t actually need to know them. You just have to recognize the four different classes of nouns in High Valyrian.

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