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  5. "La fresa es roja."

"La fresa es roja."

Translation:The strawberry is red.

March 24, 2013



Para los que tienen dudas del audio, dice " La fresa es roja" no "La fresa es rojo" El inconveniente es que el audio se termina en el momento justo y no da a lugar para escuchar la terminación de la "a" de "roja"


One day, I'm gonna read this and actually understand it. Until then, thanks for taking the time to post it.


littlewing1- vanes abril says : For those who have doubts about the prononciation of roja, it's roja and nor rojo. The problem is that el audio finishes just before you can hear clearly the A at the end.


I'm with you on this :)


Could someone tell me if I'm correct? We would use sentence "la fresa es roja" explaining or learning someone about colors, but in case when we are stating something obvious or try to be a bit more "dramatic" we could say "La roja fresa"?


as the verb disappears [and therefore is not good translation], we would expect the sentence to continue. As If a say: - The red strawberry...

in meaning, la roja fresa == la fresa roja, both lacking an action to complete the sentence. The latter is more standard, and the former is more poetic. You point out the beauty of the strawberry through its color.


I don't know if that would be grammatically correct--wouldn't that just be a fragment? Seems fine to me in conversation though.


Don't we use sentence fragments in conversation all the time in English?


ah the sound cut off the la in the beginning :P


Nothing gets past you eagle-eye.


Fun fact: Fresa is also slang in Mexico (im not sure about other countries) for a stuck up rich girl. Source: I have a lot of friends from Mexico.


I could have sworn she said "La fresa es rosa", which still makes sense to some degree (e.g. if the strawberry isn't quite ripe)


FIRST IT TELLS ME TO SPELL strawberrys like that and now it it tells me to spell strawberrys like strawberries


¿Así que estan tratando de aprender español? Jajajajajajajaja

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