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  5. "Cash or credit?"

"Cash or credit?"

Translation:¿En efectivo o con tarjeta de crédito?

May 19, 2018



You mean to tell me a spanish cashier in a spanish store would never say "efectivo o credito?"

July 12, 2018


yeah, that is what I think. If I should say "in cash or with credit card" in Spanish, tell me the same phrase in English. Don't tell me English lingo then I am just supposed to know its a Spanish sentence.

December 1, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Esta es la traducción más estúpida que he visto yo trabajaba en una tienda y cuando iban a pagar la pregunta era "efectivo o crédito?" Ja

    August 17, 2018


    Vete chica!

    August 17, 2018



    December 10, 2018


    Tear them up.

    May 29, 2019


    Right? What if the store credit isn't a credit card but a store account.

    April 25, 2019


    Exactly what I said

    May 29, 2019


    Here here!! O !!aqui aqui !!

    June 12, 2019


    It didnt say "in cash or by credit card" it said "cash or credit"... efectivo o credito!!! Grrrrr

    October 23, 2018


    I got it "wrong" by omitting "con" before tarjeta...annoying

    June 24, 2018


    same here

    April 30, 2019


    Me too!

    July 5, 2019


    Me también.

    July 5, 2019


    La traducción exacta sería: efectivo o crédito? También se podría decir, "En efectivo o con tarjeta?". Me parece que esta oración no está bien traducida.

    May 19, 2018


    ¡Muy cierto!

    There is no mention of a credit card in this (question) sentence and for Duo's programmers to expect tarjeta de crédito in the answer is specious. Credit can be extended to a person (say, a regular customer) without the need for a credit card.

    And by the way, '¿En efectivo o crédito?' was accepted today. 07/12/2018

    December 7, 2018


    Not accepted today 27 March 2019.

    March 27, 2019


    Not accepted today either!!!! ( 22 April 2019)

    April 23, 2019


    same today (May 08, 2019)

    May 8, 2019


    Not accepted today, 9/14/2019.

    September 14, 2019


    Same on July 14, 2019.

    July 14, 2019


    Yep July 26, and it's still not accepted smh

    July 26, 2019


    Not excepted, 31/10/19. Where in the question does it say credit card.

    August 31, 2019


    The "Not accepted" people should always copy and paste their answer, please. That way everyone can learn from from your experience and we might even see a mistake unnoticed by you. This is only good form.

    To "Copy and past" things that are correct and accepted is a good idea too. It is a very useful as a learning tool whether the answer is right or wrong or incorrectly marked. Learning is why we are all on this forum.

    July 30, 2019


    Not accepted 09/05/19

    June 9, 2019


    Still not accepted on 25 June 2019.

    June 25, 2019


    Duo botched this one; credit is one thing, a credit card is something else!

    January 25, 2019


    Credit is often available without a credit card

    September 6, 2018


    Why is the translation "En efectivo o CON trajeta de crédito" when the question is "Cash or Credit?". I don't understand the use of "con" in the context of the question!

    March 19, 2019


    Could you bring us the check, please? - Of course. Are you paying by cash or credit card?

    ¿Nos trae la cuenta, por favor? - Por supuesto. ¿Pagan en efectivo o con tarjeta de crédito?

    April 9, 2019


    Duo is too literal and specific here with this short vague statement. It could mean or infer so many things. Why not wait until we advance to some grown up text to be so picky. In real life it would be context anyway. We all have these misunderstandings every day

    July 5, 2019


    Nice scenario but I have spent a good amount of time in Mexico and store clerks simply say "Efectivo o credito ?" cash or credit ? same as they do in the US same as they do in the UK

    July 11, 2019


    In my part of the UK 'cash or card?' is normal. I'm wondering whether 'tarjeta de credito' means any kind of card payment (i.e debit,credit or charge)

    September 19, 2019


    Si, efectivo o credito

    December 8, 2018


    I live in Spain and we always say "efectivo o tarjeta de crédito"

    April 15, 2019


    so.. no use of the CON. it seems unfair to mark all these answers wrong

    April 30, 2019


    you mean "en" and "con" is not needed then? i failed one answer because of it...

    May 28, 2019


    Without context "efectivo o credito" should be accepted. Credit can mean on a tab or hp not just using a credit card. What do you use in spanish if paying by debit/cash card?

    March 15, 2019


    Agree. In America we rarely hear, "cash or credit card" but just "cash or credit"

    March 22, 2019


    I think this is why Duolingo is using that for the English sentence. The problem is that there seems to be only one español translation for it.

    July 5, 2019


    This is the most poorly translated sentence yet.

    April 13, 2019


    Yup I just saw a sign here in San Miguel de Allende Mx that says "efectivo o credito" by the checkout that I assumes means they take both cash and credit cards.

    65 REPLYGIVE LINGOT•9 months ago

    May 6, 2019


    This one is kind of un fair. My answer was "En effective o tarjeta de crediot" It translates exactly. I don't know why I would have to throw "Con" (with) in there. Thats not what they asked for.

    May 1, 2019


    Then shouldn't the question be, "In cash or with a credit card?"

    May 5, 2019


    Aren't we here to learn to speak the language ? I have been to Mexico three times in the past year and I can assure you I was always asked " Efectivo o credito ?" when in a store , always !

    June 19, 2019


    I don't understand why not adding CON to the sentence makes it wrong!!

    May 31, 2019


    'el efectivo o la tarjeta de crédito' ,,, que no es correcto

    July 22, 2018


    It doesn't say "with" in the English clues. It's confusing.

    April 7, 2019


    There is one thing I'd like to point out. I AM spanish (I've lived in Spain all my live) and I came here just because I was curious. This question for a test without a real teacher is a TERRIBLE choice, depending on where you live "cash or credit" would be translated differently. "(En) efectivo o (con) tarjeta (de crédito)", whichever brackets you leave or remove it would be correct, at least in Spain. You can even replace "efectivo" with "metálico" and it would still be a very common way to say that sentence in Spain. Duolingo should be more careful on this kind of issues.

    August 12, 2019


    I had that and was counted wrong! Pleas note my frustration! Blah!

    July 27, 2018


    Wow Duolingo are super confusing and picky. They tell us one thing, advise another answer then mark it as a completely different answer to one we've been learning.

    January 7, 2019


    I totally agree !!! Can duo make up it's mind. How can answers be accepted then later not accepted so many times like with with phrase. This does not help us learn. Also many times the hints say one thing but then it is not accepted when you write it in. WHY AND WHAT IS THE POINT ? HOW DOES IT HELP US?

    April 18, 2019



    January 30, 2019


    The sentence clearly says Only, cash or credit, it in No Way asks , are you paying in cash or with a credit card.

    May 6, 2019


    I've got a real problem with this one. There was no mention of a card, just credit. It could have been put on an "in house" account and paid monthly. Either, be strict or loose. You can't be both.

    May 29, 2019


    I wrote 'en efectivo o tarjeta de credito' to me that should be accepted. Even without the 'con' it makes sense. if someone could provide insight that'd be cool. i've reported however.

    June 4, 2019


    La traduccion esta bien Solo que inesesario Se entiende ya con decir "efectivo o tarjeta" con eso ya se entiende Decir "en efectivo o con tarjeta de credito " Es un poco largo pero tambien se entiende.

    July 14, 2019


    I believe my answer is both correct and would be accepted actual working people. Your answer is too formal and lengthy for a short transaction.

    July 17, 2019


    I answered "en efectivo o crédito" and it was accepted 8/23/19

    August 23, 2019


    en efectivo o con tarjeta? just because not every card is credit

    February 5, 2019


    I'm pretty sure in a previous lesson, en efectivo o con tarjeta de credito was translated as cash or credit

    March 8, 2019


    En efectivo o crédito not accepted Mar. 24, 2019.

    March 24, 2019

    [deactivated user]

      This is the last straw. There are other types of credit available in Spain other than a credit card. The constant wrong or obscure answers have taken all the fun out of this. I'm gone.

      March 25, 2019


      Why the CON in the answer and why TARJETA?

      April 18, 2019


      Stupid sentence is stupid

      April 19, 2019


      En efectivo o crédito still not accepted on may 1 2019

      May 1, 2019


      The question is: cash or credit? The answer that should be accepted is: ?En efectivo o crédito? It doesn't ask for a credit card.

      May 2, 2019


      It is not necessary to have a card to buy on credit. If they were asking about a card, they should have so stated.

      May 2, 2019


      That says in cash or with credit card, not cash or credit.

      May 19, 2019


      Mi mesa de wigi no predictòåâ

      May 20, 2019


      why is "with" included in the translation when it is not a part of Cash or credit?

      May 27, 2019


      In this one the speaker says "crédito", in other parts she only says "credit" in referring to credit card

      May 29, 2019


      This would also be correct as , in cash or credit; not all credit is received by credit card

      May 31, 2019


      But the Spanish sentence explicitly mentions a card (tarjeta).

      September 2, 2019


      Wouldnt that translate in cash or with a credit card?

      June 1, 2019


      I agree with Salvatore

      June 8, 2019


      I agree below. literally translation should be fine. The listener would imply, based upon the facts known to the listener if credit "card" was implied. It's like asking us what "you want some?" means, and then translating it as "do you want a part of my food?"

      June 11, 2019


      I put. Efectivo o credito.

      June 11, 2019


      rubbish question = rubbish answer

      June 12, 2019


      The answer is crap and we need to use it to finish the lesson. I am getting fed up having to answer rubish with rubbishl

      June 12, 2019


      Why not "En efectivo o tarjeta de credito"? I never ask "Cash or with credit card", but I DO SAY "Cash or credit", which is precisely what the translation is. If this is a colloquialism in Spanish, then please state it, or give prior examples that reinforce that colloquialism. BTW, I work in retail.

      June 17, 2019


      Clearly a colloquial American translation. Very unhelpful.

      June 19, 2019


      This is a stupid solution. Why is is not just cash or credit. Why is it cash or with credit card. This is idiotic.

      June 23, 2019


      I wrote "¿Dinero o credíto?" and it was marked incorrect. This is also incorrect?

      June 27, 2019


      "Dinero" means money broadly, but "efectivo" means cash.

      June 27, 2019


      No la in front of tarjeta?

      June 29, 2019


      Dice efectivo o credito, si no seria tarjeta de crédito CREDIT CARD.

      June 30, 2019


      Duolingo needs to change this. Either they write in English, "In cash or with credit card" which is what they are telling us it says, or they fix the answer to read, "efectivo o credito".

      July 1, 2019


      Uh oh. Here's what my wife said. She was born in Mex and came to the US at 31: "Efectivo o tarjeta de crédito?" She was close.

      July 1, 2019


      This is just inefficient. 3 words in english but its a sentence in spanish.

      July 2, 2019


      ¿Pagas en efectivo o tarjeta de crédito?

      Why did that not work?

      July 3, 2019


      seen many questionable translations but this one takes some beating . . . duo you cannot be serious

      July 5, 2019


      This answer is (1) inconsistent with the last question on this subject; and (2) unreasonable

      July 10, 2019


      If the answer should be "con tarjeta de crédito" then the English question should be "in cash or with a credit card". "credit" and "with a credit card" are quite different.

      July 11, 2019


      Efectivo o credito, would be word for word.

      July 14, 2019


      I've reported the issue.

      July 14, 2019


      Adding to the list of people feeling the english sentence they want translated needs to be clarified to "Cash or with credit card" if they want us to translate it as ¿En efectivo o con tarjeta de crédito?

      Else I agree with others - literal translation is ¿Efectivo o crédito? and they're dinging us because we're apparently not mind-readers.

      July 16, 2019


      I totally agree

      July 19, 2019


      Well, looks like we've been heard.

      July 24, 2019


      So many comments here lead me to believe "cash or credit" is as commonly used in Spanish speaking countries as it is in English speaking countries. If so, it is concerning the content creators don't seem to know this. I hope this is being reported.

      July 24, 2019


      I just smashed my Iphone because of this question

      July 24, 2019


      Why en before efectivo

      July 26, 2019


      I also omitted "con" and got it wrong. It says nothing about "with credit" and in the past "en efectivo o target de credit has been accepted to mean "cash or credit."

      July 28, 2019


      could efectivo o tarjeta de crédito work? Or must you put con

      July 29, 2019


      También se podría decir "En metálico o tarjeta?

      August 10, 2019



      September 15, 2019


      Efectivo o credito accepted 19/09/19

      September 19, 2019


      Just read the discussion. I also puT "En efectivo de credito" and it was not accepted 25 sep 2019

      September 25, 2019


      Christophe, It looks like you forgot to translate the "or" into "o".

      September 28, 2019


      There are about 40 plus reports on this forum and still no change. Come on Duo get to it.

      September 25, 2019


      Indeed this was an ambiguous question and when my answer was wrong as I omitted 'con' it was very annoying. However, next time, I will try En efectivo o crédito to see if that is marked correct.

      October 11, 2019


      'Efectivo o credito' accepted 23.01.2019

      January 23, 2019


      "Efectivo o crédito" Is NOT accepted 28.2.2019

      February 28, 2019


      Also not accepted on Mar. 10, 2019.

      March 10, 2019


      En efectivo o credito not accepted on Mar 18, 2019.

      March 18, 2019


      this is bad english so bad spanish should be accepted as a translation.

      August 21, 2019


      Maybe this a way to keep you on the app longer so they can sell more advertising time? - Capt. Obvia

      August 23, 2019


      ~ Hello!

      Translation: ¡Hola! ¿Te gustaría ir a la playa porque me encanta la playa y hoy hace un clima muy agradable?

      August 25, 2019


      Does this translate:

      "Would you like to go to the beach because I love the beach and the weather is beautiful today?"

      August 26, 2019


      There is too much inconsistency in Duo programming. Please fix it

      September 29, 2019


      You're preaching to the choir in here. If you'd like to contact the content creators, you might try using the report function (flag).

      September 30, 2019
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