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Comment séparer les points d'expérience entre 2 langues ?

Bonsoir à tous,

Je suis natif francophone, et j'utilise Duolingo pour apprendre l'anglais.

Je viens de lancer un abre inversé de l'anglais vers le français afin d'aborder l'apprentissage dans l'autre sens et voir ainsi les différences d'un abre à l'autre. Cependant, je ne trouve pas le moyen de dissocier les points d'XP entre les 2 langues. Ce que je trouve dommage. Je parle bien des points d'XP et non pas du niveau sur une langue.

Toute idée est la bienvenue.

Bon apprentissage à toutes et à tous.

Doliprane. (Le pseudo c'est pour le mal de tête...) :-)

May 19, 2018

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On the right side of your profile page, there is a box which lists the XPs for each tree.

(Hover over your name on the top right of the page, the first item should be your profile page.)


Hi W-Ruggles-Wolfe, Thank you for your answer, but I am looking to see the results on the first page: daily goal. Possible or not ?


To my knowledge, there isn't a way to get your daily XP number broken down by tree.

(Unless you track them on our own, in a spreadsheet or notebook.)


Too bad, but let's go on a spreadsheet

If you are English-speaking, you have a very good understanding of French

Thanks again.


The information appears to be available somewhere. The "duome" site accesses it somehow.

Access the following page twice. Once when you are working on your English tree. The second time when you are working on your French (odd thing to say to a native French speaker!). The activity graph on the right appears to use the data you are looking for. Sadly, it doesn't give the amounts, it just shows the trend line.


Maybe one of the programmers will see this thread and explain how to get to the data.



BTW: If you move this thread to the Troubleshooting forum ... you have a better chance at getting a developer's attention. They don't hang out in the language specific forms.


Well, "you killed me "with this link. I didn't know this function. :-)


It's a site maintained by a user (not Duolingo). It is handy, but has limitations.

For example: I have the new French tree (96 skills), and all but two of them are at level 2 or higher. For some reason the Duome site thinks I still have a lot of lessons to complete (which isn't true). It has something to do with the new French tree.



Yes, ask the author of the old (Python) user script "DuoLingo Stats" or have a look at the code (I did not, sorry) :-)

It exactly does this on your own (offical) profile page, to list a 2nd course 7 days XP bar chart (not dotted line chart) for the currently selected language.

Basically you can still use some old Python user scripts (e.g "Course Progress") with the "whitelist workaround" from FierCat (to get the hidden "progress quiz" working from 2017 to 03/2018).

But currently it only works for my PT-EN and PT-DE trees (base language Portuguese) to see that language chart stats, because of the newest BETA discussion http://forum.duolingo.com, which - of course (what else?) - has the code already patched against using the well-known (and great) "whitelist workaround" and which is ACTIVE (I am in their A/B test group) for base language English.

Yes, it is getting harder and harder to use DuoLingo as more and more holes are patched.

Most old Python user scripts have not been rewritten for the Scala 2017 web portal...but some can still be used (and with the old discussion forum you can even do for base language English, if you are in the "right" A/B test group) ;)

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