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WHY NOT WE HAVE BOTH, Old school, Crown system!

I dunn have enough knowledge to talk about which mechanism is the best to learn a language and I see many ppl support this crown system and many ppl are against this system. Till now I'm against this system but I'm giving it a try as many ppl advised. I'm writing this Discussion to wonder why do they force us for this system. why not they have the 2 choices, according to my knowledge learning a language is a skill, and the skill can be acquired in more than 1 way and would be better to choose the way u r more relieved with.

May 19, 2018



I think it would be far too much work on the servers if they were to have both systems running at the same time. They're barely affording to keep the site running as it is, so I doubt this will be happening.

Plus although you (and many others) are against the crowns system; Duolingo did their testing and found more people enjoy it than not, and it's therefore a logical decision from a business perspective to favour the system that keeps people engaged and on the site for longer.


Pretend for a moment you a renting a house, and then later move to a new house.

Would you rent the old and new house at the same time? Or would you rent the new house and stop renting the old house?

Same for duolingo, they have a new system so they stopped supporting the old system. It isn't free to have the old system running, being supported, being hosted on servers.


I'm about four years on Duolingo, I already reseted my languages several times just to complete from 0 again and I'll say beyond doubt, the actual system don't is effective as the old one.

without doubt it is good for who is more advanced in a language, it is being very rewarding to complete the english tree again but when I try new languages it is just a pain in the ass, it seems to not progress any more, the tree seems too long, the absortion isn't effective.


I am glad I got half way through before it changed. have a lingot for your contribution


Watch the language.


It is the first time that I use this expression it is funny to see the reactions, I can feel the level of offensiveness of that now


You made me smile! Semantic semantics!

Language is the fun part;)


Alaa, remember DuoLingo is free - zilch - por nada unless you choose to pay. The only major difference is that you lose the adverts. Everything else is about the same. Not many apps or other software runs as a freebie like DL.

It all only works because folks VOLUNTEER to make it work. As DL moves on it will change. Such is life!

Crowns are OK by me ♡


I preferred the old system, but I'd rather Duolingo stick with just the new system than maintain both.

Maintaining both means their developers will be split between maintaining and fixing two different code sets. Clearly, that means improvements will happen slower or not at all. Or Duolingo needs to hire more staff which means more ads or a forced subscription to pay for them.

Like many, I preferred the old system, however I still like Duolingo and wish for it to remain viable.

As a developer myself I've learned that you can't keep everyone happy all the time. Sometimes you have to make a change that annoys a portion of the users.


True dat! have a lingot for your time.


Alaa, the mechanics of learning a language have not changed. You spend as much time doing lessons as you can. They become more advanced as you go ie. Expanding vocabulary, adding grammar. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The only thing that has changed on Duo is the bells and whistles. Before long, the people who can’t make the adjustment will move on. The rest will stay and keep learning. Be one of the ones who stay! This is the best program of its kind.


Brad, Look at your streak. what are we going to do to keep this week interesting? Besides cutting our screen time down. My eyes hurt. have a lingot. congratulations!


Thank you for noticing, Catherine. Funny you should mention keeping it interesting. I have been averaging 100XP per day throughout the 150 days. I literally started 150 days ago. I don’t feel the need for a total break from Duo, but I might cut back on my daily total. I am watching a couple of Netflix Originals in Spanish (with Spanish subtitles) and I watch La Tierra Prometida on a Spanish TV channel. I think I get more out of hearing Spanish in a more natural style. I’ll stick with Duo until I reach Level 25 though. Thank you for the lingot. You are very gracious!


Duolingoland is bizarre. Last weekend, I was interrupted during a lesson. My son suggested the app for the phone. I have that app now. That mobile app is completely different. I am stumbling around the site with no knowledge of the customs and population. I am not completely lost. The other users want to be fluent Spanish speakers, also. Spanish is our commonality. Muchas Gracias !

Good Evening, Brad, OmegaGman,Beingraff(very cool name), maidmarian, I thought Eddie hall disappeared, and everyone. Keep the flame going!


Good evening Catherine, I am spared the joys of Duolingo on a phone app as I have a Jurassic era phone. The battery is held in place with duct tape, the SIM card is visible. It makes/receives calls, takes photos (kinda) and I can text. Duo would be out of the question.


That’s Why we are buddies. Never throw the baby out with the bath!


how is the app different? For me the app and website are very similar, the differences being with the user interface caused by one being on an app and one a website.

Can you give example of what you are finding different? or navig trouble with?

what sort of phone do you have?


IPhone6 . Differences include formatting, advertisements, incentives, lingots for real folding dollars, lingots for even more gambling, no interaction in forums, xp’s For conversation in Spanish , clubs with less meaning than Greek sororities, and games that could not challenge paint. That is just to start.

Hope you sleep well.


Looks like me and my dinosaur phone haven't missed much, Catherine!


you can buy lingots for real money? How?


I don't know. I'm too barato.


The crown system has been so disruptive to my learning that I would welcome the ability to choose, but the lords of DL have ordained that we MUST use their new system and will never allow anyone to go back.


So what is the point of complaining? You have long since left the realm of discussion. You make no new arguments. Your soundtrack is on an endless loop, Gatiquo.


totally agree with the idea of being able to choose! That sounds like a great idea! Another thing they could do related to it is still have the crown system, but put in some old school stuff too!


Thank you so much guys for sharing your points of view with me. I didn't know much about the servers and developers and after I read what you said I understand it's not easy to have both systems so I will forget about that. Now I will return to the whole point which is more effective! From the points of views I can see that the majority of ppl who support the crown system are not the beginners, they support it coz it's more fun and made them like to redo the tree again and more motivating to spend more time in here, make more points. People who miss the old system like me are just wondering are we here for fun and points, or we are here for deep learning? Repetition guys, that's what we miss, If I have a set with 10 lessons as a level 1 then how on earth can i repeat the same sentences i learn? coz it's one way and if i finish then it's 20 lessons for level 2 and that is like endless coz no point for me to take that long time just for one level as a beginner. beginner should stick to a limited amount of knowledge so he can master what he learns. Anyway if we have no other option then I''d say that this website is still helpful.


My main problem is that so many exercises are now purely odious. I've finished my tree, why do I have to spend three hours translating various combinations of "The woman eats an apple, I drink water"? For goodness' sake let us test out of skills.

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