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Question about Hindi.

Will the Hindi course be the colloquial speech of Hindustani, and if it is, will you be able to answer in the Urdu script.

May 20, 2018



No, I doubt it. Urdu uses the Urdu script whereas Hindi uses the Devanagari script, even though the two languages are considered to be the same when spoken.

I believe there will be an Urdu course sometime in the future but I imagine it would be quite confusing to teach both writing systems at the same time.w


-- I was wrong :) --


Having lived with a Pakistani and an Indian, and talking to them extensively, I have learned that Hindi and Urdu are a single language, Hindustani. Hindustani is a Pluricentric language, which means it has multiples official forms. These to forms are Urdu and Hindi. However, there are many other dialects ranging from India to Pakistan, most of which are mutually intelligible.

So while Hindi and Urdu are both officially different languages, that's only on a governmental level. Many of their literary works are the same, just written in different scripts, and on a conversational level, they are very similar. Bollywood movies are actually done in a language which is a semi-mix of both so it can sell movies in both Pakistan and India. If you need more info check out Lang-focus's video on Hindustani.


I stand corrected - thank you for the new knowledge. :)

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