Translation:I am beautiful.

May 20, 2018



I need this sentence.


So, the pronunciation of this is like ʤɪʔɪx in (or jih'ich, in a poor attempt at Romanizing the IPA)?

(I know I found a Klingon text-to-speech generator online several months ago, when this course first started, that would pronounce out loud any Klingon text the user copied and pasted into it. Unfortuntely, I seem to have lost the link at present. I am pretty sure I posted it in a comment somewhere here; if anyone should run across it and could re-share it with me, I'd be most grateful!)


That is the correct IPA for this sentence. The IPA is already romanized (in a style) when written as jI'IH. The text-to-speech generator that you are thinking of is probably: https://hol.kag.org/page/sentenceplayer.html


Thanks on both counts, jd. Have a lingot! :-) That is indeed the TTS generator I was looking for. It's surprisingly hard to find using a Google search. I'm going to bookmark it everywhere, now that Klingon is on the mobile app, which I'm really happy to see, BTW - I will get a lot more Klingon learning time in now!

(Looking foward to the day the Tips show up on the mobile app as well; I see some people can see them on mobile, but I'm not one of them.)


You should still be able to see them in your mobile browser if you prefer the phone to the computer. But I know that Duolingo is working on bringing the Tips & Notes to the apps and I hear that a few people have wound up in the testing groups already. I hope we'll all have them in the apps soon.


I could until last weekend. Then DL did some kind of Android upgrade, and now they're gone. Across all languages. One step forward, two steps back ...


So...IH is just attractiveness in general?


Careful about the spelling -- the word is 'IH, not IH.

Klingon words cannot start with a vowel; they always have to start with a consonant. (And ' is a consonant.)


As opposed to what? Gender specific? Yes, it is not gender specific.


Would 'IH jIH also be correct? Or would that have to be jI'IH jIH?


It would have to be jI'IH jIH.

The verb prefix is always required (in standard Klingon).

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