"They are singing."


May 20, 2018



ok so i kept getting confused why some sentences had an issi or iksi and some didnt and now i think it might be because its a verb and not a noun because the sentence doesn't need one but another sentence like: Abri iksi (we are women) needs it because it's a noun. (I think). Please add if you can confirm or correct me :)

May 20, 2018


The irregular verb to be / sagon :

  • iksan I am
  • iksā you are (singular)
  • issa he/she/it is
  • iksi we are
  • iksāt you (plural) are
  • issi they are

(All in the present indicative.)

May 21, 2018


Yes, the verb sagon "to be" is not used with verbs in High Valyrian to form a present continuous tense i.e. "to be singing" in English. It is used with nouns to say "to be something" though.

May 26, 2018
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