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  5. "muS muSwI'pu'."

"muS muSwI'pu'."

Translation:Haters are going to hate.

May 20, 2018


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muS muS muS muS muS muSwI'pu'


Okay, who on the Star Fleet messed with Duolingo?


What does “wI’” do? I don’t think it’s been mentioned in the Tips and Notes yet


No, it hasn't -- muSwI' "a hater" is treated here as a new word to be learned as a unit.

The verb suffix -wI' will be introduced properly later on in the "Agents" unit.

If you're curious -- it forms agent nouns ("thing that does" or "person who does"), a bit like -er in English (a computer is a device that computes, a toaster is a device that toasts, a speaker is a person who speaks, etc.).


Seriously?!? Taylor swift lyrics?!? Eewwww!

[deactivated user]

    I don't think she came up with those.


    http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/haters-gonna-hate gives YayHooray as the origin of the meme, and quotes another song that includes the phrase though it may not have been the origin of the catchphrase.


    Did qurgh do this?! Or was it jeremy?


    Wasn't me and qurgh is not a contributor for this course. Last one to touch this sentence was mizinamo a year ago. That's probably when it was created, so we'll blame him!


    Impossible to tell, as the backend only shows who last modified a sentence but not who created it. Could have been me; I don't remember specifically.

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