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Drawing exercises?

I was wondering if there is currently any plan to incorporate character drawing lessons into Chinese or Japanese? (The main competitors for duolingo Chinese, LingoDeer and ChineseSkill, both have this feature so it seems like it's definitely possible to do on a mobile platform.) I find I remember characters so much better when I can write them down and I'd love to have this feature incorporated into duolingo!

May 20, 2018


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Drawing a character now and again on an app is perhaps fun, but not sufficient to learn how to write. If you want to learn to write characters, find some dedicated resource like inkspot or skritter, or better yet, get a book and start doing some serious practicing.


Super easy, barely an inconvenience. You go to keyboard settings and install the drawing board and in duolingo you put the "use your keyboard" option. (unless it's missing in mobile i don't know).


I wish I could do this, it would be perfect, but the app doesn't support keyboard input for the chinese questions, only selection from a word bank :(


I agree. That would be a really great way to practice.

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