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  5. Why is there 过 in 他在中国住过?


Why is there 过 in 他在中国住过?

  1. Why is there 过 in 他在中国住过 ? How is this different from 他住了在中国?

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May 20, 2018

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1) Both of the above sentences indicate a past tense and can both be roughly translated into: "has he lived in China?" The way the verb is placed in the sentence is only different thing.

过(guo) is a particle in Chinese grammar that is used to describe past experiences/actions. It is placed right after the verb to indicate past tense.

Examples: 我去过加拿大(Wǒ qùguò jiā'nádà) I've been to Canada.

他已经吃过这种菜(Tā yǐjīng chīguò zhè zhòng cài) He has already ate this type of dish.

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