"Now the questions about me start."

Translation:Jetzt kommen die Fragen bezüglich mir.

March 24, 2013

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Is there a reason why "Jetzt die Fragen bezüglich mir starten" should not be accepted?


There are several issues here:

  • the verb should be in second position: "Jetzt starten die Fragen bezüglich mir" (still wrong)

  • we don't normally use 'starten' in this context. 'Anfangen' or 'beginnen' would be more approriate here: "Jetzt fangen die Fragen bezüglich mir an' (still wrong / correct only in colloquial speech)

  • 'bezüglich' is a genitive preposition. So, a first correct version would be 'Jetzt fangen die Fragen bezüglich meiner an' (correct but stilted)

  • This sentence sounds very stilted. So, I'd prefer 'Jetzt fangen die Fragen über mich an'.

A correct way of expressing duo's original idea would be 'Jetzt kommen die Fragen über mich'.


Not really, but I use "starten" for cars, songs, games.

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