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"You did not greet us last night!"

Translation:Hujatusalimia jana usiku!

May 20, 2018



Why not:hamkutusalimia Isn't this You haven't greeted me...


I am not sure why my answer was incorrect. I thought all Swahili adjectives come after the noun and not before as in this case. What is the explanation for this


Jana means "yesterday", not "last". It's not an adjective but an adverb. Jana usiku essentially literally means [yesterday] [at night].


Is there any reason for not using the verb -amkia in this sentence? Hujatuamkia / hukutuamkia jana usiku

Also, as others have asked, why do we use the negation of the -me- tense in this sentence?


Thougt it should be tuKU and not tuJA - because it is in past...

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