"The woman is writing at the table."

Translation:Die Frau schreibt am Tisch.

May 20, 2018

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Is schreibt not active? I expected Tisch to be accusative because of that so wrote "an den Tisch"


I don't know how to explain this, but I'll try.. In this case, one can assume she was doing the writing on one spot the whole time, even though her hands were moving.. Using a scenario such as "Er springt auf dem Bett" vs "Er springt auf das Bett" to explain this.. The former would mean "He is jumping on the bed" (assuming the kid thought the bed was a trampoline. Lol).. Notice that despite the fact that he's actively jumping, it uses the dative case.

The latter would mean "He jumps onto the bed" (probably because he saw a spider crawling towards him wherever he was previously)

In summary, all that matters is the change in position.. Hope that helps


Why it's not auf?


For much the same reason why it's not "The woman is writing on the table".

I think "auf" isn't actually wrong if you want to focus on the act of writing = the fact that the pen touches the paper on the table (not e.g. on the woman's lap), but it's much more elegant to use "am Tisch / at the table", focussing on the place where the woman is sitting while she does the writing.


"Auf" could also imply that she is physically standing on the table and writing, right?


Wouldn't it mean that

  • she is writing on the tabletop


  • she is sitting on the table while writing



why am not an?!!


"am" is a contraction of "an dem" = "at the".

If you say "an Tisch", you've left out the article, which is incorrect; in "am Tisch", the article is kind of invisible, but still included.


What is the deference between "auf" and "an". I am sorry if someone already answer, i couldn't find it


Why not - bei dem Tisch ?

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