"Please stop on the left side."


May 20, 2018



Native English-speaking Chinese teacher here. The cottect answers thus far are a bit too grammatically constricting (differing sentence orders are also acceptable in many instances despite your program marking them "incorrect").

July 21, 2018


Several word orders are correct, but marked wrong

January 13, 2019


Thank you Luoling97. Duo has been pretty good actually about accepting suggestions for more flexible answers for English translation vs transliteration from me at least, but I have a sense that "some" initial answer was provided for each question (by multiple sources judging by the inconsistencies) and then new they crowd-source suggestions from users feedback/complaints and check for basic validity before adopting some as alternative answer options. That would mean the answers become more flexible over time, but unevenly and more/sooner in earliest questions...which lines up with what I have seen.

April 19, 2019
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