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  5. "nuqneH? yIjatlh!"

"nuqneH? yIjatlh!"

Translation:What do you want? Speak!

May 20, 2018



My dad used to tell us, when we were babbling about what we wanted, he used to say: "Shut up and speak up."

June 26, 2018


What does the "yI-" prefix in "yIjatlh" mean? Is that the imperative?

May 30, 2018


It's an imperative prefix, yes.

It indicates that the object is either "him, her, it", or -- when speaking to just one person -- is also used when there is no object.

In this case, "Speak!" is a verb with no object, so when speaking to one person, the imperative form is yIjatlh!.

If you were speaking to several people, it would have to be pejatlh!.

May 30, 2018


but according to that, why we Don't just use jatlh ?

September 23, 2019


In Klingon, if a word is a command, it MUST have a prefix.

September 23, 2019


jatlh, as a complete sentence, means, "He/She/It speaks." (Or other similar statements depending on context.) Using the imperative prefix yI- turns it into a command rather than a statement.

September 23, 2019


You need a person that can act, this guy is really hard to understand. He has a bad microphone andwhen he's angry he sounds suprised. It's really hard to learn this way. Please fix it

June 5, 2019


Of the two voices recorded for this phrase, the male has the better microphone, so I suspect you're referring to the female voice. She does sound a little surprised, but there's no reason for her sound angry. {nuqneH? yIjatlh} is not an angry phrase. It's probably how I'd render into Klingon, "How can I help you? Please let me know."

I'm going to rerecord this one, though, because there's palatalization of the e in nuqneH. It will take a couple days to go live, then let me know if you like it better.

June 10, 2019


Isn't it also Klingon-like to say "Speak! What do you want?" Or am I missing something here?

May 20, 2018


That could be a Klingon thing to say, yes, but it's not a translation of those two sentences in that order -- the nuqneH! comes first so it should be translated first.

But a Klingon might also say yIjatlh! nuq DaneH? "Speak! What do you want?".

(Probably not yIjatlh! nuqneH? as I've only seen nuqneH right at the beginning of a conversation, as a conversation starter.)

May 20, 2018


There's no rule that says nuqneH can only occur at the beginning of a sentence or conversation. I have no problem at all seeing yIjatlh! nuqneH! and I see no reason to tell people it's probably not something a Klingon would say.

If you're going to argue personal opinions of what a Klingon WOULD say, I don't think a Klingon would say nuqneH? yIjatlh! After saying nuqneH? what's the point of commanding the person to speak? You already asked them a question; presumably that's enough of a prompt to speak.

Fortunately, individuals do not all act the same way, and we can imagine all these sentences being spoken instead of ruling on what a Klingon WOULD say.

May 21, 2018


What I want is for this dude to have a better attitude.

July 23, 2019


Amongst Klingons, this IS the better attitude. :)

July 23, 2019

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