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Do people rollerblade in Germany as transportation?

Hi, i was wondering if people rollerblade in Germany as transportation.

And about how many miles can an average rollerblader skate in ten minutes example like in Munich?

(I know it varies per person but for you, or your opinion of on average)


May 20, 2018



as a hobby yes, but not as transportation. (maybe some do it in the bigger cities, though most people in the city choose the or bicycle puplic tranportation).

there are several reasons for that:

1.there are too many cars around so it is dangerous. especially outside of town there the cars drive with around 100km/h (ca. 62mph). and there is no special roadway for rollerbladers and such (outside of town. in town we often have bikeways).

2.especially in rural areas everything is too far arpart to go by rolerblades (meaning you need a car).

3 .in many parts of germany the tairrain is not flat enough for rollerblading.

4.because there are always many construction sites there are a lot of minor stone pieces on the road. that makes it dangerous as well.

for your second question... im not sure maybe 5km wich would be aroud 3.1 miles (if it is a person who does it a lot)

ps. germany uses the metric system so most germans have no idea about miles.


what about in places like in Munich?


I couldn't speak for Munich particularly, but it's a big city. Rollerbladers shouldn't be on streets used by cars and buses, and they really shouldn't be on sidewalks, where they're much faster than pedestrians on foot. I'd assume that rollerblading as transportation in Germany is below minimal.


in Munich i have only been to the main train station, never in the city...

but in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Rostock, Erfurt, Saarbrücken etc. i have never seen anyone using rollerblades as tranportation.

i mentioned that there are always many construction sides around, right? that is especially true in the city more than in rural areas. and using them on the sideways is dangerous for the pedestrians. so if, they could use the bikeways (if there are any). but rollerblading between the bikers would be kind of dangerous too.


I haven't seen anyone in Munich on roller skates in the 4 months I am here. And I would not recommend it, sidewalks are often narrow and crowded. Bike is a better option.


I think I only saw one rollerblader in Munich during the entire month that I was there, but bicycles are extremely popular.


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Sometimes I do it, but it's a rather dangerous business due to the different road conditions, hills, wheather changes and the long stopping distance. In the city I wouldn't recommend it. My average speed in the city is approx. 25% lower than with a bike, 10-15km/h depending on the traffic. In general the number of skaters is increasing again in the last two years, but most of them do it as a sport, on bicycle pathes and in the countryside.

For getting from a to b in the city, I'd recommend to buy a cheap bike for 50€ and resell it later, if you spend some months here. If you don't like the public transportation.... In my city of ~200k inhabitants they kill a cyclist every one or two years, and the bike quote is comparably low here. How would this look like if they would use rollerblades instead of bikes O.O.....


Wo kann man Fahrräder für 50 Euro kaufen?


Used ones, of course. I could have added that. We have some kind of social bicycle workshop here selling repaired or refurbished bikes, and there is also a private bicycle "flea market" every now and then, where you can find them at this price....

My city bike was 15€, back in 2004....

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