Kanji Lesson 3 (女;子;好)

女 (3 strokes)

Meaning: Woman, Female


Kun: おんな (onna) め (me)

On: ジョ (jo) ニョ(nyo) ニョウ(nyou)

------------WORDS STARTING WITH 女 ---------------

''女性'' [じょせい/josei]: Female, Woman

-女王[じょおう/Joou]: Queen

-女の子 [おんなのこ/Onnanoko]: Girl, daughter

-女子 [じょし/Joshi]: Woman

-女の人 [おんなのひと/Onnanohito]: Woman

-女子高生 [じょしこうせい/Joshikousei]: female high-school student

{女: Woman, 子: Child, 高:tall/high 生:life/genuis }

  • 女学生[じょがくせい/Jogakusei]: Schoolgirl

{女:Woman 学: learning/study 生: Life/genuis }

--------------WORDS ENDING WITH 女---------------

-少女 [しょうじょ/Shoujo]: Young lady, little girl (between 7 and 18 years old)

-彼女 [かのじょ/Kanojo]: She, Girlfriend {彼女の: Her }

-王女 [おうじょ/Oujo]

{王: King, rule 女: Woman}

-獅子女 [すふぃんくす/sufinkusu]: Sphinx

{獅: lion 子: child 女: woman}

-長女 [ちょうじょ/Choujo]: eldest daughter

{長:long, leader, superior 女:Woman}

-魔女 [まじょ/Majo]: Witch

{魔: Witch, demon 女: Woman }

-美少女 [びしょうじょ/Bishoujo]: Pretty Girl

{Bishoujo is not listed as a word in the prominent Japanese dictionary}

-魔法少女 [まほうしょうじょ/Mahoushoujo]: Magical Girl

{Magical Girl is a subgenre of Japanese fantasy anime and manga which features girls who use magic. Some examples of Magical Girl anime: Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, Puella Magi Madoka Magica}


子 (3 strokes)

Meaning: Child


On: シ(shi) ス (su) ツ(tsu)

Kun: こ(ko) 〜こ(~ko) ね (ne)


-子供 [こども/Kodomo]: Child

-子息 [しそく/Shisoku]: Son

-子守歌 [こもりうた/Komoriuta]:Lullaby

{子: Child 守: Protect, Guard, defend 歌:Song, sing}

-------------WORDS ENDING WITH 子------------

-椅子[いす/Isu]: Chair

-電子 [でんし/Denshi]: Electron

-女の子 [おんなのこ/Onnanoko]: Girl

{女: Woman 子: Child}

-男の子 [おとこのこ/Otokonoko]: Boy

{男:Male 子: Child}


好 (6 strokes)

Meaning: Fond, pleasing, like sth


On: コウ (Kou)

Kun: この·む (Kono. mu) す·く(su.ku) よ·い (Yo.i) い·い(i.i)

-------------WORDS STARTING WITH 好----------------------

-好き [すき/Suki]: Liking, Love

-好む [このむ/Konomu]: to like, to prefer

-好評 [こうひょう/Kouhyou]: Popularity

{好: like 評: Comment, evaluate}

-----------WORDS ENDING WITH 好-------------

-良好 [りょうこう/Ryoukou]: satisfactory​

{良: Good, pleasing 好: fond, like}

-絶好 [ぜっこう/Zekkou]: Perfect

-愛好 [あいこう/Aikou]: Love, Adoration

{愛: Love, affection 好: like something}

-友好 [ゆうこう/Yuukou]: Friendship

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May 22, 2018

「獅子女」is an archaic jukujikun for sphinx though it remains in Kanji Kentei Level 1 (which is the highest level). Similar usage like「獅身女」is only found in Meiji and Taishō literature. Today the term is written in katakana as 「スフィンクス」.

May 21, 2018

Thank you for this information So, do I have to delete the kanji of Sphinx ???

May 22, 2018

男女 - だんじよ - the “war of the sexes”

May 21, 2018

it is similar with Chinese.

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thank you ぜっこう

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