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Big and Tall

"Er est groß." Does this mean "He is big" and "He is tall"? Being big as in fat and being big as in tall are very different. Do you use "Er ist hoch"? But isn't "hoch" more for objects like "Es ist hoch", such as for a mountain. Same with "lang" - long. How do you specify the difference for a person being big (fat) or big (tall)?

May 20, 2018



Groß when used with people only means 'tall' and not 'fat'. Fat would correspond to 'fett' or 'dick'


"Er ist groß" only means he is tall

for he is big one would say: "Er ist dick" (literal: he is thick) or "Er ist fett" (literal: he is fat) (both would be kind of offending)

if we don't want to offend the person we would say "Er ist gut beieinander". (maybe one could say "Er is korpulent" as well).

we don't use hoch for people. and usually we don't use lang for people either... well sometimes but its kind of seldom like for a person who is 2.10m tall


beieinader? beieinander? help please.


the second. "beieinander" i had a typo there. wich i hadn't seen if it wasn't for your question.


Thanks 7hAu0bvY!
I wondered, because I see beianander as something like "by another"... It seemed a strange way of saying "big". Is it saying someone is so big, they're like 2 people?
Dict cc gave a meaning of "to be in good shape" Could I use it for a big flabby person?

I also liked your suggestion of korpulent. Many thanks for your insights. Always appreciated..


"beieinander" actually means something like "together" .. so "gut beieinander" would literally translate as "well together" i don't know exactly why we use it in this context...

i think in this case it is "in a good shape" with the meaning of beeing "well-fed" kind of. you see it is trying hard to not offend the other person :-)


i see. Sounds like a useful expression to know. thanks again.


Thanks for your question. I was wondering the same.


What about "schwer? However, Duo uses it in two different contexts. You are heavy - Du bist schwer. But also: It is difficult - Es ist schwer.

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