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  5. "Non mi ha trovato."

"Non mi ha trovato."

Translation:He did not find me.

April 24, 2014



Is it just me or is the T not pronounced properly? It sounded like Provato, not Trovato to me


Why not accept 'IT has not found me'?


This sounds like "provato" not "trovato."


Since I am a woman if I were saying this would it be "non mi ha trovata"?


"He hasn't found me" was accepted. Without context both simple past "I was lost in the mountains and sent my husband a message before my battery died. He didn't find me but I managed to get home safely." compare "He hasn't found me. I'm still lost and I hear wolves howling..." ;-)


'He has not found me' was accepted on 13-10-2014


Thanks for sharing. We should all make it a practice to post when we receive feedback to encourage others to report.


They're just playing hide-and-go-seek :)


Why is "You did not find me" not correct? Would you need to include "Lei" for that?


I feel like "did" and "has/have" are vaguely chosen as translations in this lesson.

If this set of lessons is in the Present Perfect (unspecified time before, up to, and including now), shouldn't this be "He has not found me"? "He did not find me" is in the Simple Past, I believe.

Verb tense source I'm using: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/simplepast.html


I can't be 100% sure, since I don't know exactly about all the other sentence of this lessons, but I think this is about the Italian present perfect, that is often translated in English with the simple past.


That's what I'm feeling too, but there is a different between the tenses in English so I'm confused as to if simple past and present perfect are interchangeable in Italian.


There's a difference in Italian too, but the situations where it's use applies are not the same where it applies in English. In Italian, "presente perfect"/"passato prossimo" is much more frequent than "simple perfect"/"passato remoto".


This sentence should accept "it." It is not clear from the ha form of avere that it was "he" who did not find me.

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