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  5. "He does not need more money."

"He does not need more money."

Translation:Él no necesita más dinero.

May 20, 2018


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Why is this necesita and not necesito?

May 20, 2018


Necesito = I need. Necesita = he, she, it needs, you (formal) need.
1st per. sing. = necesito (I)
2nd per. sing. = necesitas (you familiar)
3rd per. sing. = necesita (he, she, it, you formal)
1st per. pl. = necesitamos (we)
3rd per. pl. = necesitan (they, you plural)

May 21, 2018


This is the best explanation of that I've seen. Thank you

August 25, 2018


O thank you

June 8, 2018


I need to print this out! Gracias :)

July 30, 2018


I get caught out by this sometimes too... I see the reasoning - "with the" o" ending being male, etc. But of course it's wrong! Thank you :)

January 29, 2019


Thanks for that it helps awhole lot ,glad i got it wrong , i used necesito..then i would be still using it incorrectly

December 16, 2018



January 2, 2019



March 13, 2019


Thank you.

July 28, 2019


Muy bien!!! It helps a lot

August 9, 2019


Thank you, its very helpful

September 18, 2018


Thank you very helpful! :)

June 11, 2019


Holy crap that's confusing. Thanks for the explanation, but wow, Spanish can be damned irregular at times.

September 21, 2019


Thank you very much!)))))

March 14, 2019


Thank you sooo much!!!!!

April 4, 2019


Spanish has different conjugations for these and many other cases. Helps to use an online conjugation service while learning like verbix or spanishdict, eg. http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/necesitar Keep in mind that most of these will show you plural 2nd person informal that is only used in some Spanish speaking countries, but usually in the Americas plural 2nd person uses the same conjugation for formal and informal (same as 3rd person) and is only distinguished by personal pronoun.

September 17, 2018


That was what I was going to ask, so I do not know. You could try searching it up on the web.

June 10, 2019


I entered "él no quiere más dinero", but it said it was wrong. Correct sentence was : "él no requiere más dinero"

What is the difference between querer and requerir ?

June 5, 2018


queiere = want, whereas requiere = require. Since the sentence says that he does not "need" more money require is an acceptable synonym for the word need, but want (quiere) is an entirely different word.

July 7, 2018


Hi, Why in this case we don't put the A before the Él? I mean "A el no necesita mas dinero"? I thought that when you refer to people you should add an "A" before.


November 6, 2018


Él is the subject of this sentence. You use the personal a with objects.
Conocí a la gerente. (I met the manager.)
El perro mordió al hombre. (The dog bit the man, with al being a contraction of a el.)
A él le gusta la pizza. (He likes pizza, la pizza is the subject and él is the object.)

January 16, 2019


Why does Duo not ever present the plural? Generally it is always I, you, he/she/you formal?

December 26, 2018


Ok so I got this as a correct answer: "no requiere más dinero." Can you actually say this? What does "requiere" mean?

October 24, 2018


Ok did some research and "requiere" and I found out that it is from the verb requerir and it means pretty much to require something. So the translation should be something like " He does not require more money"

October 24, 2018


Can we still use necesito in that sentence or is it wrong?

October 28, 2018


Thank you Marcy

January 26, 2019


Hola a todos! I often just speed through these lessons trying not to think to hard on each word or translation. I find that doing this helps to improve my fluency. I also sometimes write things that are not typical answers. Sometimes they are accepted and sometimes not. Sometimes I'm just wrong also.

I wrote "El no necesita mas de dinero." and was marked wrong. Does the "de" make the sentence mean something different? or is it just plain wrong? Hoping for a native to chime in on this one.

January 27, 2019


I'm not a native but what you said translates to "He does not need more of money", which isn't grammatically correct. The "de" is not necessary in this case. If you said "del" instead, the sentence would translate to "He does not need more of the money".

January 31, 2019


Thank you marcy65brown. That's wonderful.

March 6, 2019


Why is it necesita

March 19, 2019


It always changes!!!

July 21, 2019


I put El no necesitas mas dinero. Why is that wrong?

August 2, 2019


I wrote "Él no necesita más dinero." and it said I used the wrong word and then it printed, "Él no necesita más dinero." I can't see the difference, can anybody see a difference?

The second time around, I wrote, "Él no necesita más dinero." and it was correct! I don't know why this happened.

August 17, 2019


how are you supposed to know to use the female form of the word? It's a guy who doesn't need more money. It's a stupid sentence anyway. People don't talk like that.

July 19, 2019


Why was this marked wrong?

August 2, 2019


Why was that marked wrong?

August 2, 2019


(no accent marks) Why was El necesitas mas dinero? marked wrong?

August 2, 2019
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